Pull Platform - Guiding Principles
The platform is open source, built by a community of practice (technical and social) that envisions the empowering and the enablement of the individual, and the realization of a distributed, pluralist and subsidiary (as in subsidiarity) economy based on evolutionary activism and the stewardship of the commons.
A Global Pull Platform - Engaging for the Commons »A Global Pull Platform - Engaging for the Commons
Pull Platform - Guiding Principles
Community of Practice - P2P »Community of Practice - P2P
Facilitated Learning & Knowledge »Facilitated Learning & Knowledge
Movements, activism, crowdfunding »Movements, activism, crowdfunding
Power, Collaboration, eParticipation »Power, Collaboration, eParticipation
Semantic Web »Semantic Web
Stewardship of the Commons »Stewardship of the Commons
Understanding Generative & cognitive processes, & Process Narratives »Understanding Generative & cognitive processes, & Process Narratives
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