Commons Memes
The alternatives, possibilities, memes that are or could be related in a way or another to the commons.
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This is a work in progress. For the past couple of years I have collated and curated the possibilities, concepts, alternatives that people striving for a 'better world' were working on and talking about in various social network groups dedicated to sustainability, commons, new economy. Additions or changes are welcome here.

The goal I thought of for the map is to make it easier:

  1. For change agents, activists, innovators, community & social entrepreneurs to recognize which spot or niche they occupy or wish to occupy within the possibility/action space so they can assert their position and adjust their action and discourse in relation to an overarching purpose and what is 'around' them.
  2. For the various niches to find their areas of overlaps and adjacencies so that bridges can be built and exchanges can occur, strengthening the meshing of what emerges into a network of initiatives and achievements that would multiply everyone's impact and accelerate a convergence. In particular to try and facilitate the bridging of language, discipline related vocabulary, various modes of learning and solutioning processes.
  3. For the whole and the parts to get an awareness of each other and access knowledge and tools for learning, engagement and action. In particular through a navigation that would enable a self discovery of possibilities.

The map is definitely meant to be a learning tool.

Here's an expansion on what it could be used for, in my Github repository.

For the moment this is a curated map. I count on many eyes and hands to help me make it more complete and relevant, ensuring its richness and diversity, and simplicity at the same time. 

A simple Pearl Tree is available here.

I am planning to add the elements in the lists under each main topic as bubbles and link each item to a relevant wikipedia page or 'expert' content and visual examples. Afterwards this can serve as entry points for a knowledge and resource base.

The goal now is to diffuse quickly something that will be usefull to change agents in edge communities as well as inside mainstream institutions, and then work on ways to have this grow in a more organic way through folksonomy, linked-data or network analytics, to capture what is emerging, and watch it progress and strengthen with time as more resources become available and interlinked on these subjects, generating something like the map below:

Communicating the Commons »Communicating the Commons
Mapping the Commons »Mapping the Commons
Commons Memes
Co-Governance & cooperative decisions »Co-Governance & cooperative decisions
Communities ensure their own livelihood »Communities ensure their own livelihood
Community Intelligence »Community Intelligence
Complexity & Generative processes »Complexity & Generative processes
Culture & the living environment »Culture & the living environment
Culture & Ways of doing - being »Culture & Ways of doing - being
Economy as part of the biosphere »Economy as part of the biosphere
Empowering Economy & entreprise »Empowering Economy & entreprise
Ethics & social responsibility »Ethics & social responsibility
Evolutionary Leadership »Evolutionary Leadership
Finance of replenishment & stewardhip »Finance of replenishment & stewardhip
From me to we/consciousness »From me to we/consciousness
Measuring depletion, replenishment & outcomes »Measuring depletion, replenishment & outcomes
Mutually collaborative nature of new ideas »Mutually collaborative nature of new ideas
Preservation & conservation »Preservation & conservation
Production close to consumption »Production close to consumption
Regeneration & Replenishment »Regeneration & Replenishment
Stakeholders involved in community affairs »Stakeholders involved in community affairs
The Commons »The Commons
Thrivability Outcomes »Thrivability Outcomes
Users become producers »Users become producers
Rights and law »Rights and law
Changing the world: what can we do at the grassroots level?  »Changing the world: what can we do at the grassroots level?
Building & Prototyping Roadmap »Building & Prototyping Roadmap
Stewardship of the Commons »Stewardship of the Commons
Stewardship of the Commons »Stewardship of the Commons
Changing the world: what can we do at the grassroots level?  »Changing the world: what can we do at the grassroots level?
Building & Prototyping Roadmap »Building & Prototyping Roadmap
Mapping the Commons »Mapping the Commons
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