Building & Prototyping Roadmap

Suggested steps
  • Gather a core team that will fine tune the concept and requirements for a technical, social and organizational architecture,
  • Fund the next phase.
  • Find a collaborative platform that can help bootstrap the project and build the platform as we speak
  • Expand to create a community of practice (both as far as technology and environment/social/community are concerned) which will elaborate on the concept/requirements and start the development of a prototype.
  • Develop first prototype by convening people to specific events/places on and offline.
Principle for funding, structure and scaling
  • Project must be open source with a structure that will enable grant and crowd -funding and keep private, institutional and commons/activist actors equally comfortable and engaged.
  • The idea is to have several tiers of financing and development, one opening up and enabling the launch and scaling of the next.
A Global Pull Platform - Engaging for the Commons »A Global Pull Platform - Engaging for the Commons
Building & Prototyping Roadmap
Adopting a collaboration tool »Adopting a collaboration tool
Building the Platform as we speak »Building the Platform as we speak
Contacts & Convergence »Contacts & Convergence
Creating an open source 'pull' hub »Creating an open source 'pull' hub
Developing around a use case »Developing around a use case
Gathering a Community of practice Tech & Social - Online offline »Gathering a Community of practice Tech & Social - Online offline
How does this scale? »How does this scale?
Minimal viable product »Minimal viable product
Structure & funding »Structure & funding
Commons Memes »Commons Memes
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