Tutor Mentor Institute Strategy
Facilitating understanding: Supporting Actions. We don't expect everyone to soak up all this information here in one visit to the web site. However, we need to find a way to organize and facilitate learning (and the wider community support necessary to help us achieve our goals).
We all want the outcomes shown in the top of this pyramid. "More youth stay in school, are safe in non-school hours, graduate, and move to careers".

As we attract more people to this discussion how do we support on-going understanding? 

This article talks about civic engagement and this talks about Massive Online Open Courses. No single organization can facilitate the involvement of millions of people. However, many organizations in schools, colleges, faith groups and business could do this.

The Tutor/Mentor Institute has tagged blog articles so they represent an aggregation of thinking.  We have created a variety of short illustrated pdf essays. Interns are working to expand understanding of these ideas.

How can we expand ownership to many groups in many places who will add new information and expand the number of people who understand and act on what the understand?

Helping kids born in poverty start jobs / careers »Helping kids born in poverty start jobs / careers
Tutor Mentor Institute Strategy
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Connecting Service and Learning »Connecting Service and Learning
Creating a Supply Chain to support multiple organizations »Creating a Supply Chain to support multiple organizations
Expanding Role of Volunteers  »Expanding Role of Volunteers
Network Analysis - Understanding Impact »Network Analysis - Understanding Impact
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