Blog-Exchanges and Connected Learning
Using blogs and other forums individual programs, volunteers and leaders can be journalist, sharing daily successes, challenges, and working to attract resources. Through blog-exchanges and aggregation sites these can become a collecting of knowledge and can create greater attention for the sector.
If you write about the Tutor/Mentor Institute and the work we do and ideas we share in your blog we can point to you and your efforts in our own blog. This is a blog-exchange and it's one way programs can work together to tell stories and attract volunteers and donors to individual programs through a city or in many cities.

These are blog exchange articles on the Tutor/Mentor Blog.

This Blog Action Day site shows how great attention can be drawn to a cause if thousands of people are writing about the same topic on the same day.

Imagine if hundreds or thousands of tutor/mentor program leaders, volunteers, supporters and students were collaborating in blog-action days that took place at key times throughout the year, and from year to year. The collective impact would grow attention and increase the flow and distribution of needed resources to all of the organizations involved in such a strategy.

Who can organize this? Who can help market it and create public visibility? How can we enlist celebrities and others who already support mentoring and tutoring, but are not involved strategically with this effort?
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Blog-Exchanges and Connected Learning
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