A quick overview of the new Poster feature.

Researchers at scientific and academic conferences often make posters that use text and graphics to provide a brief summation of their work.

Inspired by this idea, we created a tool for mappers to create their own way to summarize the conclusions of a map, add a narrative layer over a map,  point to key aspects of map, and many other creative uses.

Each Poster consists of an Introduction (with a lavender background) and optionally one or more Items (silver-grey background). The Introduction and Items can include text, videos and images and the Items can arranged vertically and horizontally in two columns.

Optionally, an Item can point to, and open, a specific view of a map – with an clickable icon identifying and launching the relevant view – and, when a Poster points to one or maps, the Poster is added automatically to the Posters>> drop down menu for the relevant map(s), which is displayed beneath the map.

Posters also have their own URLs; so you can link to them directly to provide simple pathways into Debategraphs for readers who aren't familiar yet with this exciting new visual form.

You can find out more about how to create your own Posters here.

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How to make a poster? »How to make a poster?
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