Lisa Kanary
Instructor, Business Administration in the School of Business and Leadership at Yukon University.

  • Dr. Kanary is an instructor in the School of Business and Leadership at Yukon University in Whitehorse, Yukon. She also coordinates the Bachelor of Business Administration degree program that Yukon University offers.
  • Originally from Nova Scotia, Dr. Kanary moved to the Yukon in 2013. Since arriving in the north, she has spent time in many different areas of the University, such as instructing in the Schools of Science, and Academic Skills and Development, developing the Climate Change certificate, performing research at the YukonU Research Centre. Wearing many hats at the University has given her a unique perspective of the many avenues and opportunities students can pursue.
  • Currently, Dr. Kanary’s background is in applied math. She is the primary business statistics knowledge holder and teaches statistics classes in the Bachelor of Business Administration. Lisa infuses her classes with real world experience by partnering students with community groups and industry to work through statistical problems and challenges. Lisa also continues to be active in research as a data scientist and math modeller. She is currently working on math models that pertain to COVID-19 with a number of colleagues locally and around the globe.

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Lisa Kanary
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