Planet Under Pressure
DebateGraph and the Planet Under Pressure scientists are collaborating to distill the main arguments, evidence, risks and policy options facing humanity in a dynamic knowledge map to help visualise and inform global policy dialogue and deliberation.

The London Planet Under Pressure conference, from which this mapping project originates and which was addressed by Ban Ki-moon in March 2012:
  • provided a comprehensive update of our knowledge of the Earth system and the pressure our planet is now under, and examined the latest scientific evidence on climate change, ecological degradation, human well-being, planetary thresholds, food security, energy, governance across scales, and poverty alleviation.
  • discussed solutions, at all scales, to move societies on to a sustainable pathway – guided by the International Council for Science’s five grand challenges for global sustainability research: observations, forecasting, thresholds, governance and economic requirements, and innovation (technological, political and societal), as well as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the new biodiversity assessment, and the Millennium Development Goals.
  • set out a new vision and platform for global-change research that connects leading social and natural scientists with business, investors and the development agenda to create a new understanding and environment for tackling global sustainability challenges.
  • stressed that there must be many governance and technological solutions at all levels, from local and national, to regional and global – and that while there are many threats, global change also provides many opportunities.
  • discussed policy options in response to climate change, energy, food security, water, poverty and other pressing issues.

This global mapping project is a voluntary, collaborative, cross-disciplinary initiative to create and share an authoritative public resource at a critical time. If you would like learn more about the project, join the mapping team, or support the process in any other way, we would love to hear from you (or via @DebateGraph).
Planet Under Pressure
1. State of the Planet »1. State of the Planet
4. The way ahead »4. The way ahead
2. Options and opportunities »2. Options and opportunities
3. Challenges to progress »3. Challenges to progress
The Conference »The Conference
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