1. State of the Planet
Key observations about the State of the Planet; highlighting aspects of the emerging crisis.

In essence:
  • Humanity is now a prime driver of change at the planetary level – the Anthropocene.
  • Humanity is driving the Earth system towards dangerous thresholds.
  • Solutions exist, but time is the natural resource in shortest supply.


Planet Under Pressure »Planet Under Pressure
1. State of the Planet
Some drivers appear to be slowing or changing »Some drivers appear to be slowing or changing
Breaching key thresholds and boundaries »Breaching key thresholds and boundaries
Chances of reaching 2°C goal unlikely »Chances of reaching 2°C goal unlikely
Entering the Anthropocene »Entering the Anthropocene
Medium-term trajectories already determined »Medium-term trajectories already determined
Ocean faces multiple, interconnected threats »Ocean faces multiple, interconnected threats
Poverty is declining – inequality is increasing »Poverty is declining – inequality is increasing
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