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Message from CEO(M.Aoki)

Dream Team Startup Members

CEO: Mabo



 • CEO: Maob Chief Executive Officer

       -Identification of the goal, namely, your product and/or service through discussions.

• COO:Chief Operating Officer 
• CTO:Chief Technology Officer /Sarwar Muhammad Nauman

      - Articulation of technical  issues about your product and/or service.    
• CFO:Chief Financial Officer
• CIO:Chief Information Officer /Seita

      -Design of your product/service platform.
• CMO:Chief Marketing Officer /Sana Ullah

      -Design of your product/service platform for marketing, assuming potential customers.
• CAO:Chief Administrative Officer /曲 敬言 (Qu Jingyan)

     -Design of work flows.
• CCO:Chief Compliance Officer /Pyupyu(Suphassa)

      -Design of your product/service with respect to compliance along SDGs.
• CLO:Chief Legal Officer /El-Ghazali Sofia

     -Design of your product/service with respect to IPR, PL and so on.
• CPO:Chief Privacy Officer
• CSO:Chief Security Officer

Green Tech
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Priority Areas »Priority Areas
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