Small Jurisdictions
Working group for public health modelling in Small Jurisdictions.

Small Jurisdictions Working Group – Members

  • Amy Hurford, Memorial University
  • Brian Gaas, Government of Yukon
  • Erin Rees, Public Health Agency of Canada
  • James Watmough, University of New Brunswick
  • Julien Arino, University of Manitoba
  • Michael Li, Public Health Agency of Canada
  • Nathaniel Osgood, University of Saskachewan
  • Rania Wasfi, Public Health Agency of Canada
  • Shokoofeh Nourbakhsh, Public Health Agency of Canada
  • Steve Guillouzic, Defence Research and Development Canada
  • Valerie Hongoh, Public Health Agency of Canada
  • Steve Walker, McMaster University
  • Renny Doig, Simon Fraser University
  • Rebecca Tyson, University of British Columbia
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Small Jurisdictions
Provincial / Territorial »Provincial / Territorial
Public Health Agency of Canada »Public Health Agency of Canada
Michael WZ Li »Michael WZ Li
Amy Hurford »Amy Hurford
Brian Gaas »Brian Gaas
Erin Rees »Erin Rees
James Watmough »James Watmough
Julien Arino »Julien Arino
Smaller jurisdictions »Smaller jurisdictions
Nathaniel Osgood »Nathaniel Osgood
Rebecca Tyson »Rebecca Tyson
Steve Walker »Steve Walker
Rania Wasfi »Rania Wasfi
Shokoofeh Nourbakhsh »Shokoofeh Nourbakhsh
Steve Guillouzic »Steve Guillouzic
Valerie Hongoh »Valerie Hongoh
Renny Doig »Renny Doig
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