Atlantic Association for Research in Mathematical Sciences (AARMS)
AARMS was founded in March 1996, and is one of the four regional institutes representing the mathematical community in Canada. It’s mission is to strengthen research and education in the mathematical sciences, with special focus on Atlantic Canada. AARMS fosters scientific collaborations, both within the Atlantic mathematical community, and with colleagues across Canada and beyond.

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Atlantic Association for Research in Mathematical Sciences (AARMS)
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23/08/19 AARMS-EIDM Summer School on Modelling Infectious Diseases »23/08/19 AARMS-EIDM Summer School on Modelling Infectious Diseases
Dalhousie University »Dalhousie University
Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador »Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador
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University of New Brunswick »University of New Brunswick
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Krishna Thakur »Krishna Thakur
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Edward Susko »Edward Susko
Jason Brown »Jason Brown
Jeannette Janssen »Jeannette Janssen
Lam Ho »Lam Ho
Theodore Kolokolnikov »Theodore Kolokolnikov
Amy Hurford »Amy Hurford
Xiaoqiang Zhao »Xiaoqiang Zhao
Zahra Mohammadi »Zahra Mohammadi
Matthew Betti »Matthew Betti
James Watmough »James Watmough
Lin Wang »Lin Wang
Sanjeev Seahra »Sanjeev Seahra
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