Carl E. James
Carl E. James holds the Jean Augustine Chair in Education, Community & Diaspora in the Faculty of Education, York University, Toronto, where he is also the Senior Advisor in Equity and Representation in the Office of the VP Equity, People and Culture.

  • His research interests include examining the educational, employment and career experiences, opportunities and achievements of racialized Canadians – noting the ways in which societal and institutional structures mediate their lived realities. And by probing how race intersects with gender, class, citizenship and other identify constructs, he seeks to assert the relationship between accessible and equitable opportunities and the experiences and attainments of racialized Canadians, particularly Black Canadians. A member of the Royal Society of Canada, James is also the recipient of the Canada Council for the Arts 2022 Killam Prize for Social Sciences. His most recent book is: Colour Matters: Essays on the Experiences, Education, and Pursuits of Black Youth (2021).
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Carl E. James
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