Matt Keeling
My research focuses on the three E’s: Epidemiology, Evolution and Ecology. I am particularly interested in how spatial structure, heterogeneities and stochasticity affect the emergent population-level dynamics; as such my work uses a wide range of modelling tools and concepts.

  • While large-scale simulations play a substantial role in my work, I’m also very keen to develop simple modelling techniques that can capture the important dynamics of a system. More recently I’ve become increasingly involved in science advice for policy and how this can be best achieved.
  • Some of my interests include: Optimal control of infection, cost-effective vaccination, policy-relevant prediction, vector-host dynamics, within-host immunological dynamics, disease evolution in response to control, climate and population change. I’d worked on a number of infections including: Avian influenza; Bovine tuberculosis in livestock; Bubonic plague; Childhood infections (including Measles and Whooping Cough); COVID-19; Foot-and-mouth disease; (seasonal and pandemic) Influenza; and a range of Neglected Tropical Diseases.
  • For more information on my research and that of my group see the Epidemiology section of the SBIDER page.
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Matt Keeling
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