Nabil Afodjo
Dr. Nabil Afodjo is a One Society Network Post-Doctoral Fellow in the Department of Economics at Queen’s University. He holds a PhD and an MA in Economics from Carleton University, and an MSc in Mathematics from the University of Ottawa. Dr. Afodjo is an Applied Microeconomist whose main research interests are in education, health, and public economics.

  • He’s particularly interested in the formation of social networks and in understanding how social interactions influence economic outcomes and individual decisions.
  • Dr. Afodjo’s COVID-19-related research has focused on the identification of peer effects in health-related behaviors at the beginning of the pandemic. Using a unique dataset on Canadian residents, he investigates how much (if any) individuals relied on family, friends, neighbors to decide on their own behaviors regarding handwashing, mask-wearing and social distancing. In collaboration with NAV Canada, he has also engaged in monitoring the ongoing impacts of the COVID pandemic on the air travel industry and forecasting the post-pandemic recovery process both in North America and internationally.
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Nabil Afodjo
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