2022/01/26 MfPH Workshop on Endemic COVID-19: Mathematical Insights
Discussions on modeling challenges of the following public health issues: (1) What is a “definition” of post-COVID-19 new normal or the endemic state; (2) What are the necessary public-health measures (monitoring, surveillance, contact tracing, face masks, vaccine passport etc) and pharmaceutical interventions to achieve the transition from epidemic to endemic state; (3) What are the indicators that can be used for a sustained normal or “tolerable” endemic state?

Model studies of these issues require the most current scientific evidence and the best modeling practices on, but not limited to, the following scientific and social issues:

  • COVID-19 vaccine and immunity (vaccine efficacy, waning of immunity, effects of booster shots, effects of vaccination of young children on the population-wide transmission, new vaccines in the pipeline, etc.);
  • Mechanism, effects, and efficacy of newly available drugs for COVID-19 (e.g. Pfizer’s Paxlovid pill, approved in the UK, and Merck’s Molnupiravir pill, and others in the pipeline, monoclonal antibody treatments); impact of treatments on vaccination uptake, potential drug resistance.
  • Improved understanding of human behaviours during a pandemic and how to incorporate human behaviours into models.
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2022/01/26 MfPH Workshop on Endemic COVID-19: Mathematical Insights
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