Heterogeneity and syndemics
Emerging infectious diseases impose disproportionate burdens according to societal fault lines marked by marginalization, socioeconomic disparities, injustices, and inequities. In some cases (e.g., COVID-19) this is marked by syndemics. We will build on and extend an existing cross-sectoral partnership including patient and family advisors to greatly enrich agent-based modeling (ABM), informed by those with lived experience.
  • Specifically, in our COVID-19 Individual-level Geospatial Hybrid Model (CIGHM), we will improve consideration of geography (e.g., policy dis-coordination, clustering of events, EMS-overdose reporting data), enrichment with substance-use pathways, capturing homelessness, socioeconomic disruption and housing, and housing service delivery.
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Heterogeneity and syndemics
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