Data analysis
Software Â»Software
Software functionality Â»Software functionality
Data analysis
Age-Patch Mobility Mixing Â»Age-Patch Mobility Mixing
COVID-19 Re - Generation Time Â»COVID-19 Re - Generation Time
Ontario pandemic mobility Â»Ontario pandemic mobility
Dempster-Shafer Bayesian Network inference package Â»Dempster-Shafer Bayesian Network inference package
diseasemapping Â»diseasemapping
epigrowthfit Â»epigrowthfit
Estimating the infection fatality rate of Covid-19 Â»Estimating the infection fatality rate of Covid-19
geostatsp Â»geostatsp
Hexagonalfan Â»Hexagonalfan
localEM Â»localEM
McMasterPandemic Â»McMasterPandemic
MultiBD Â»MultiBD
Open Data Model Â»Open Data Model
pathogen.jl Â»pathogen.jl
Prediction Codes Â»Prediction Codes
python Population Modeller Â»python Population Modeller
PyCoMod Â»PyCoMod
Stochastic simulations of classroom-level COVID-19 outbreaks Â»Stochastic simulations of classroom-level COVID-19 outbreaks
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