Erica Moodie
Erica Moodie obtained her PhD in Biostatistics in 2006 from the University of Washington, before joining McGill University where she is now a William Dawson Scholar and an Associate Professor of Biostatistics. Her main research interests are in causal inference and longitudinal data with a focus on adaptive treatment strategies. She is an Elected Member of the International Statistical Institute, and an Associate Editor of Biometrics and the Journal of the American Statistical Association.

  • I am a Canada Research Chair (Tier 1) in Statistical Methods for Precision Medicine, FRQS chercheuse de merite, and Professor of Biostatistics at McGill University. 
  • My methodological work is focused on developing reliable, reproducible, and robust tools to improve health research, with a focus on adaptive treatment strategies. I am part of the COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker team.
  • I hold a Chercheur-Boursier senior career award from the Fonds de recherche du Quebec-Sante.
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Erica Moodie
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