DKPro is a community of projects focussing on re-usable Natural Language Processing software



What is DKPro?

DKPro is a community that consists of a growing number of projects addressing different aspects of Natural Language Processing (NLP), such as linguistic pre-processing, machine learning, and lexical resources. The projects within DKPro maintain strong contacts with each other, share a common ideology of reusability, and often build upon each other.

DKPro was created as the Darmstadt Knowledge Processing Repository and first presented at the 2007 Conference of the German Society for Computational Linguistics and Language Technology (GSCL 2007). As part of becoming a community project, it was decided to drop the old long name. Presently, we use the DKPro brand without any long form.

It is not uncommon for people to use DKPro and DKPro Core synonymously. However, they are not the same. DKPro is a community that incorporates multiple projects and DKPro Core is but one of these projects. Also, not all projects in the DKPro community are based on UIMA, but DKPro Core is.

As the different DKPro projects are mainly developed by scientists, please cite them individually based on which of the projects you use. There is presently no citation regarding the overarching DKPro community effort. If you wish to refer to the DKPro community as a whole, please just link to our website:

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