Links to projects with code which relate to this project
OpenSherlock Project »OpenSherlock Project
Biomedical Resources »Biomedical Resources
Course lecture notes »Course lecture notes
Harvestable Data Sources »Harvestable Data Sources
Harvesting Process Support »Harvesting Process Support
Infrastructure »Infrastructure
Patents »Patents
Prolog resources »Prolog resources
Reasoning Process Support »Reasoning Process Support
Representation Languages »Representation Languages
Research Communities  »Research Communities
Similar/Related Projects »Similar/Related Projects
SolrSherlock Code »SolrSherlock Code
Testing »Testing
TopicQuests Topic Map Code »TopicQuests Topic Map Code
UIMA-related resources »UIMA-related resources
User Interface »User Interface
Apache Solr »Apache Solr
Cyc »Cyc
IBIS Workbench »IBIS Workbench
Moses Statistical Translation »Moses Statistical Translation
Navigation-induced Knowledge Engineering by Example »Navigation-induced Knowledge Engineering by Example
Raspberry Pi »Raspberry Pi
WordFreak »WordFreak
WordNet »WordNet
Apache Blur »Apache Blur
Tools for Scientific Communication »Tools for Scientific Communication
TSC (The Scholar's Companion) »TSC (The Scholar's Companion)
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