Basel Convention Annexes already define hazardousness
An argument opposing the inclusion of a separate Annex in the Technical Guidelines that would list hazards in electronic equipment. Further, the argument notes that Basel Convention already contains relevant lists in Annexes I, VIII, and IX.

“In addition to the constituents and waste streams listed in Annex I,  Annexes VIII and IX already describe certain types of e-waste that are presumptively hazardous and presumptively non-hazardous.”

From p. 2 of response by the Information Technology Industry Council (ITI) to  Basel Secretariat. 2012. ‘Draft Technical Guidelines on Transboundary Movement of E-Waste, in Particular Regarding the Distinction between Waste and Non-Waste (Version 8 May 2012)’.


The references to "Annex I" and "Annexes VII and IX" are references to those annexes in the Basel Convention.

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Basel Convention Annexes already define hazardousness
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