26b Criteria 1: Notification
Paragraph 26b contains seven criteria that would be used to determine when used equipment "should not normally be considered waste". Different actors took a variety of positions on one or several of these seven criteria.

Criteria 1 reads:

"Equipment and their components are exported only to Parties that have notified the Secretariat of the Basel Convention via Article 13(2) that they do not consider used equipment subject to the conditions included in paragraph 26b to be waste. Further restrictions made on a national basis can be so noted (e.g. import bans for certain types of used equipment). In the same transmission these Parties shall indicate which facilities are permitted to receive and process the used equipment under the conditions in paragraph26b. Such information will be publicly available on the SBC website and be kept up to date"

From p. 10 of Basel Secretariat. 2014. ‘Draft Technical Guidelines on Transboundary Movements of Electronic and Electrical Waste and Used Electrical and Electronic Equipment, in Particular Regarding the Distinction between Waste and Non-Waste under the Basel Convention (Draft of 20 November 2014)’.

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26b Criteria 1: Notification
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