These are women whose inventions, research and/or processes have created ways for human beings to function at greater capacity. This category was inspired by the work of the famous inventor Douglas C. Engelbart who wrote about “the co-evolution of human and tool systems” and “augmenting intelligence.” Developments in technology, psychology, learning and culture work together to improve the planet, with technology augmenting (rather than replacing) human capability. Thus, in this category we include leaps in technology (e.g., computers, apps), in psychology (e.g., understanding that well-being occurs within a family/community system, not just an individual).

Women Inventors & Innovators – Map Â»Women Inventors & Innovators – Map
1842- Ada Lovelace Â»1842- Ada Lovelace
1942- Margaret Mead Â»1942- Margaret Mead
1944- Bletchley Park Women's Team Â»1944- Bletchley Park Women's Team
1952- Grace Murray Hopper  Â»1952- Grace Murray Hopper
1962- Virginia Satir  Â»1962- Virginia Satir
1967- Erna Schneider Hoover  Â»1967- Erna Schneider Hoover
1970s- Anna Halprin Â»1970s- Anna Halprin
1973- Judith Estrin  Â»1973- Judith Estrin
1973- Adele Goldberg Â»1973- Adele Goldberg
1987- Lucy Suchman Â»1987- Lucy Suchman
1980s- Angeles Arrien Â»1980s- Angeles Arrien
1980s - Joanna Macy  Â»1980s - Joanna Macy
1991- Joy Mountford Â»1991- Joy Mountford
1980s- Gopika Kannan Â»1980s- Gopika Kannan
2007- Claudia Welss Â»2007- Claudia Welss
2011- Jane McGonigal  Â»2011- Jane McGonigal
1946 - ENIAC Programmers Â»1946 - ENIAC Programmers
1926 - Mary Parker Follett Â»1926 - Mary Parker Follett
1793 - Catharine Greene Â»1793 - Catharine Greene
1971 - Margaret Hamilton Â»1971 - Margaret Hamilton
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