2007- Claudia Welss
Casual coherence, evomimicry, inner synergy

Claudia Welss is a social visionary and philanthropist who has pioneered, incubated, and funded many projects on the leading edge of change in human consciousness, sustainability, and community. Her work has contributed to a shift in social and cultural priorities in the United States and globally.

Her main points of focus are Casual Coherence, the practice of aligning human thought and energy to affect change (inspired by the work of astronaut Edgar Mitchell);  Evomimicry, the guiding of a conscious evolution of the human species toward a higher value system that puts planetary wellness and co-creativity above greed and competition; Inner Synergy, tapping into our growing understanding of somatic-cognitive mindfulness practices that enable individuals to achieve the kind of individual peacefulness that leads to greater collective coherence. 

Organizations that have benefited from her vision include the NextNow Network, Natural Logic, the Global Coherence Initiative, Nexus Foundation, and the Institute of Noetic Sciences. 

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2007- Claudia Welss
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