The black box objection
The Test treats the mind as a black box—internal processes are left hidden and mysterious; all that matters is input and output. But internal processing shouldn't be ignored, as it's crucial to determining whether or not a system really thinks.

Jack Copeland, 1993.
Artificial Intelligence »Artificial Intelligence
Can the Turing Test determine this? [2]  »Can the Turing Test determine this? [2] 
Yes: defines intelligence operationally/behaviorally »Yes: defines intelligence operationally/behaviorally
The black box objection
SUPER PARRY could pass Test by brute force »SUPER PARRY could pass Test by brute force
The beefed-up Turing Test »The beefed-up Turing Test
Knowledge of internal processes unnecessary »Knowledge of internal processes unnecessary
Jack Copeland »Jack Copeland
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