Highest threat to people and planet
We rarely understand the indirect risk and have become pretty effective at errors by omission.

Wicked Problems emerge as symptoms and it may take several years to understand the root cause.

 Many variables seeming unrelated

 Mobility for example is nothing more than a smaller personal computer or laptop with wireless technology emerging prior to laptops. 

Therefore, the privacy and security threats should have not introduced location tracking on users without their being a global awareness about the new threats arising.  

We should have used the same go to market, internal service management configurations and respected the rights of the device owner. 

Laptops in our homes and any asset purchased by a person is part of the search and seizure rights under our 4th amendment in the US.

Understanding the virtual home and physical home as a reasonable expectation is a critical gap in big data solutions, as confirmed by the PSAT Big Data Report to the President.

used the same processes we use for laptops.  A change to include or hold service providers accountable for their hosted wireless services.  The providers are charging and have the direct relationship with the device, service and data owner.  

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Highest threat to people and planet
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