An Offer applied using the 5 capability model
This map supplies a visual and contextual view into the common requirements and terminology used to segment behaviors which must be monitored for financial and regulatory stakeholders.

In a healthy organization we have met these obligations before applying their "fit for purpose".
A group of healthy organizations contribute to a living enterprise.


Regardless of the health of an organization the five capability model would be the least effort path to contain and control "only" what must be compliant, regulated and managed effectively.  

Effective according to general accounting acceptable practices "elicit" while supplying a means to apply the "explicit" results.  Performance Reports should be an outcome of the transactional capabilities.

Capabilities in this context adheres to the definition published in

1. General: Measure of the ability of an entity (department, organization, person, system) to achieve its objectives, specially in relation to its overall mission.
2. Quality: Total range of inherent variations in a stable process.

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the map applies the concepts to an existing business which experienced accelerated growth without an effective operating model.

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An Offer applied using the 5 capability model
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