Structure of the project
The various component of the PLAST project inserted in a wider context of leveraging the power of Pattern Languages for societal change.

The project that is designing itself with the support of Helmut Leitner, Doug Schuler and the Suttgard University PatternPedia team comprises the following blocks, for which we will be seeking specific further expertise and experience:

  • Structure and modelization
  • the PLAST visual language (vocabulary, grammar, syntax) via consultation of communities of practice (change agents on the field) and scholars in various disciplines (complexity & network theory, systems dynamics & systems thinking, mathematics, economics, linguistics, graphic design…)
  • Ontology for Connection with and between domain based pattern languages, mapping of the web of pattern languages and the domains of social change and the 'levels' of intervention: conception/vetting of solutions, learning, and 'cross-cultural' facilitation.
  • Technical Operationalization
  • platform (PatternPedia), an evolving repository of patterns by domains, with design tools, that enable co-design (graphic as well as text/code), forking and merging, and moving things around, combining, sequencing.
  • other applications: indexing of solutions databases, qualification or tagging of projects and models (Assemblé Virtuelle), indexing of algorithms’ ‘intent’ (DACs DAOs), systemic interoperability standard, language for the hermeneutic web.
  • Community operationalization
  • Constitution and dynamization of an open source network of communities of practice
  • Creation of design and facilitation methodologies, tools and artifacts, conferences, workshops, hackatons to ensure living on of the project.
An Open Source Pattern Language (re)generative of Commons »An Open Source Pattern Language (re)generative of Commons
Project Roadmap »Project Roadmap
Structure of the project
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