Outlines the broad perspectives expressed on the debate map—and some of the protagonists associated with those perspectives.
  • These positions were discussed by Dinsmore (1992), Smolensky (1988b, pp.59–62), and Pinker and Prince (1988, pp. 75-78).
  • Few theorists or researchers explicitly position themselves along this spectrum.
  • Many fall into more than one of the categories, or lie somewhere on the borders between them.
Artificial Intelligence »Artificial Intelligence
Implementationalism »Implementationalism
Limitivism »Limitivism
Connectionism »Connectionism
Physical Symbols Systems »Physical Symbols Systems
Formal Systems »Formal Systems
Neural Eliminativism »Neural Eliminativism
Cohabitationism »Cohabitationism
Ecumenicalism »Ecumenicalism
Eliminativism »Eliminativism
Experiential Realism »Experiential Realism
Hybridism »Hybridism
Image Psychology »Image Psychology
Quasi-Pictorial Image Psychology  »Quasi-Pictorial Image Psychology
Representative Realism »Representative Realism
Revisionism »Revisionism
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