Physical activity
Level of physical activity people engage in.
Foresight – Obesity System Map »Foresight – Obesity System Map
3. Physical activity »3. Physical activity
Physical activity
Appropriateness of maternal body composition »Appropriateness of maternal body composition
Level of available energy »Level of available energy
Parental modelling of activity »Parental modelling of activity
Level of infections »Level of infections
Functional fitness »Functional fitness
Stress »Stress
Self esteem »Self esteem
Degree of primary appetite control by brain »Degree of primary appetite control by brain
Tendency to preserve energy »Tendency to preserve energy
Degree of innate activity in childhood »Degree of innate activity in childhood
Side-effects of medicine / drug use »Side-effects of medicine / drug use
Level of recreational activity »Level of recreational activity
Level of domestic activity »Level of domestic activity
Level of occupational activity »Level of occupational activity
Level of transport activity »Level of transport activity
Functional fitness »Functional fitness
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