3. Physical activity
The type, frequency and intensity of activities an individual carries out, such as cycling vigorously to work every day.
Foresight – Obesity System Map »Foresight – Obesity System Map
3. Physical activity
Degree of innate activity in childhood »Degree of innate activity in childhood
Degree of physical education »Degree of physical education
Functional fitness »Functional fitness
Learned activity patterns in early childhood »Learned activity patterns in early childhood
Level of domestic activity »Level of domestic activity
Level of occupational activity »Level of occupational activity
Level of recreational activity »Level of recreational activity
Level of transport activity »Level of transport activity
Non-volitional activity (NEAT) »Non-volitional activity (NEAT)
Parental modelling of activity »Parental modelling of activity
Physical activity »Physical activity
More physical activity for kids within and beyond educational settings »More physical activity for kids within and beyond educational settings
Changing patterns of physical activity »Changing patterns of physical activity
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