4. Societal influences
The impact of society, for example the influence of the media, education, peer pressure or culture.
Foresight – Obesity System Map »Foresight – Obesity System Map
4. Societal influences
Availability of passive entertainment options »Availability of passive entertainment options
Acculturation »Acculturation
Children’s control of diet »Children’s control of diet
Conceptualisation of obesity as a disease »Conceptualisation of obesity as a disease
Education »Education
Exposure to food advertising »Exposure to food advertising
Importance of ideal body-size image »Importance of ideal body-size image
Media availability »Media availability
Media consumption »Media consumption
Parental control »Parental control
Peer pressure »Peer pressure
Perceived lack of time »Perceived lack of time
Smoking cessation »Smoking cessation
Social acceptability of fatness »Social acceptability of fatness
Social rejection of smoking »Social rejection of smoking
Sociocultural valuation of food »Sociocultural valuation of food
TV watching »TV watching
Advertising and marketing reinforce new eating patterns  »Advertising and marketing reinforce new eating patterns
Stakeholders – Groups & Actions »Stakeholders – Groups & Actions
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