Well-being Issues
This is the section to discuss issues arising from the escalating power and intertwining of entities and their tools that might add or detract from human well-being, even though they do not affect our survival.
Sapiens Plurum: Evolving interconnections of people & their creations »Sapiens Plurum: Evolving interconnections of people & their creations
The future of humankind »The future of humankind
Well-being Issues
Denial of Service Attacks »Denial of Service Attacks
Impacts on Institutions »Impacts on Institutions
Loss of Privacy »Loss of Privacy
Many lack Internet connection »Many lack Internet connection
Mobile Phone Service / ISP monopolies »Mobile Phone Service / ISP monopolies
Net Neutrality »Net Neutrality
Should humans "remote-control" other entities? »Should humans "remote-control" other entities?
Sousveillance is empowering distributed Sapiens plurum »Sousveillance is empowering distributed Sapiens plurum
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