The future of humankind
As we and our devices become ever more closely integrated, we gain power that is both delightful and startling. Here we share amazement, concern and ideas for guiding the future of our species. You can add your ideas simply, on a Prezi linked below, or in more depth, with this Debategraph interface. discussion.

BASIC LEVEL: Start the Prezi below and add your ideas onto one of the three slides: If you think humankind is destined for demise, add to slide 1; if you think the future belongs to virtual machine beings, add your ideas on slide 2; if you think that we humans will overcome our hurdles and continue to thrive, add your ideas on slide 3.

ADVANCED LEVEL FOR IN-DEPTH ARGUMENTS: For deeper, referenced discussions, choose "add idea" in the Debategraph interface. The "Survival" and "Well-being" nodes separate critical and desirable issues. For example, sustainability is a survival issue and equal opportunity is a well-being issue.


Sapiens Plurum: Evolving interconnections of people & their creations »Sapiens Plurum: Evolving interconnections of people & their creations
The future of humankind
Survival Issues »Survival Issues
Well-being Issues »Well-being Issues
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