Stephen Kosslyn
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Artificial Intelligence Â»Artificial Intelligence
Protagonists Â»Protagonists
Stephen Kosslyn
Top-down image processing has been implemented Â»Top-down image processing has been implemented
Quasi-pictorial images are adequate Â»Quasi-pictorial images are adequate
Images are Quasi-pictorial representations Â»Images are Quasi-pictorial representations
Experimental evidence Â»Experimental evidence
Mental Rotation Â»Mental Rotation
Scanning visual images Â»Scanning visual images
Alleged problems have been disconfirmed Â»Alleged problems have been disconfirmed
Behavioural evidence favours image psychology Â»Behavioural evidence favours image psychology
Impenetrability doesn’t isolate basic elements Â»Impenetrability doesn’t isolate basic elements
Images important even if not primitive explanations Â»Images important even if not primitive explanations
Simulation suggests image theory precision Â»Simulation suggests image theory precision
Pylyshyn uses wrong notion of an image Â»Pylyshyn uses wrong notion of an image
Machine implementations show computational power Â»Machine implementations show computational power
Regard mind's eye as a classification scheme Â»Regard mind's eye as a classification scheme
Stephen Kosslyn Â»Stephen Kosslyn
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