Herbert Simon
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Artificial Intelligence Â»Artificial Intelligence
Protagonists Â»Protagonists
Herbert Simon
Quantum effects irrelevant to symbolic processes Â»Quantum effects irrelevant to symbolic processes
Yes: physical symbol systems can think [3] Â»Yes: physical symbol systems can think [3]
Thought is serial despite parallel architecture Â»Thought is serial despite parallel architecture
The Heuristic Search Assumption Â»The Heuristic Search Assumption
Affordances are just symbolic representations Â»Affordances are just symbolic representations
Affordances need to be redefined Â»Affordances need to be redefined
Clancey's account of symbols is too limited Â»Clancey's account of symbols is too limited
The worldview criticism misses the point Â»The worldview criticism misses the point
Herbert Simon Â»Herbert Simon
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