Semantic Interoperability System for Medicinal Information
Semantic Interoperability System for Medicinal Information Document Type and Number:
United States Patent Application 20130030827

A system for managing and exchanging electronic information provides a rules management component for executing conceptual rules, an ontology management component, an information model management component, and a system configuration management component. The ontology management component manages at least one ontology and mappings between members of different ontologies. The ontologies may include a code system and a terminology. The ontology management component may manage a value set that is a subset of the terminology. The information model management component manages one or more information model schemas, each defining an information model and comprising information defining at least one slot within the information model. The system configuration management component manages configuration information on the configuration of each system component. The system configuration component utilizes services of the rules management component, information model management component and ontology management component to dynamically bind value sets to slots of the information model.
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Semantic Interoperability System for Medicinal Information
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