Mentors connecting youth to world issues
Volunteers from different business backgrounds can show youth different career opportunities than might be modeled in their family, community or local school. They can also connect youth to global issues which youth might become involved with as they learn more about them.
This graphic represents issues important to local and global communities. Volunteers in tutor/mentor programs, afterschool clubs, faith groups, scouting, and other organized activities can organize learning activities that help young people learn about these issues while providing paths that lead some young people to make careers working in these different fields.

A systematic effort by leaders to organize learning-communities that are available to youth in thousands of locations is needed to maximize this potential.
Helping kids born in poverty start jobs / careers »Helping kids born in poverty start jobs / careers
MENTORING as part of LARGER strategy »MENTORING as part of LARGER strategy
Mentors connecting youth to world issues
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Planet Under Pressure »Planet Under Pressure
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