MENTORING as part of LARGER strategy
In order to increase and sustain the number of programs helping kids we need to increase the impact we have on volunteer tutors and/or mentors who get involved with these programs. As volunteers bond with kids, understand issues, some will do much more to ensure a brighter future.
This animation and video illustrates how volunteers who are well-supported in on-going tutor/mentor programs can become people who reach out to people in their own work, family, college and faith networks to bring new resources and ideas to the programs they support. 

If programs that encourage this type of volunteer-involvement grow in more places and engage more volunteers this can reach a point where teams of volunteers in every city and every industry are innovating new ways to help kids through school and into jobs.
Helping kids born in poverty start jobs / careers »Helping kids born in poverty start jobs / careers
MENTORING as part of LARGER strategy
Mentors connecting youth to world issues »Mentors connecting youth to world issues
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