Natural phenomena best understood via mechanism
The human mind like all natural systems is mechanical. Mechanical explanations—like those employed in physics—provide the only necessary foundation to the rest of the sciences, including psychology.
Through the extension of the method of physics, mathematics can be brought to bear on psychology and make it a rigorous science.


This region of the map traces the development of mechanistic philosophy from Descartes to the present.

Strictly speaking all the claims on the seven maps deal with mechanism, because if machines can think then mechanism—in philosophy of the mind least—is vindicated.
Artificial Intelligence »Artificial Intelligence
Are thinking computers mathematically possible? [7] »Are thinking computers mathematically possible? [7]
Yes: Automata can think »Yes: Automata can think
Natural phenomena best understood via mechanism
Mechanistic philosophy is correct approach »Mechanistic philosophy is correct approach
Human thinking is computational »Human thinking is computational
Man is a machine »Man is a machine
Mechanistic biology »Mechanistic biology
Artificial machines can't duplicate natural machines »Artificial machines can't duplicate natural machines
Gödel refutes the philosophy of mechanism »Gödel refutes the philosophy of mechanism
Mechanistic principles can't explain the mind »Mechanistic principles can't explain the mind
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