New features?
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DebateGraph Community »DebateGraph Community
Development Ideas »Development Ideas
New features?
Customisation »Customisation
Membership list »Membership list
Preset Map/School work progression »Preset Map/School work progression
A Debategraph API »A Debategraph API
Extend Debategraph to Graphical SocialAnnotation .. »Extend Debategraph to Graphical SocialAnnotation ..
Filters »Filters
Importing / Exporting »Importing / Exporting
The ability to tag nodes.  »The ability to tag nodes.
WikifyDebategraph  »WikifyDebategraph
Search_only_Map_Titles. »Search_only_Map_Titles.
Revision control for nodes and maps? »Revision control for nodes and maps?
Translate Debategraph content »Translate Debategraph content
Directory of Debategraph Users »Directory of Debategraph Users
Continuum slide »Continuum slide
Include logical inference »Include logical inference
Interfacing with other networks/communities »Interfacing with other networks/communities
Map statistics »Map statistics
Sandbox »Sandbox
The map "portal" »The map "portal"
Transclusion rather than Crosslinks/pointers »Transclusion rather than Crosslinks/pointers
Twitter feed / Social tab »Twitter feed / Social tab
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