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Explore the presentations from Defrag 2010. More will be added as soon as they become available online.
Defrag 2010 »Defrag 2010
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Enterprise Amnesia vs. Enterprise Intelligence »Enterprise Amnesia vs. Enterprise Intelligence
The Future of Social Analytics »The Future of Social Analytics
The Social Layer »The Social Layer
App Stores in the Enterprise »App Stores in the Enterprise
Expertsourcing vs Crowdsourcing »Expertsourcing vs Crowdsourcing
Cloud Impact »Cloud Impact
KPIs for APIs: Avoiding Mismanagement and Disaster »KPIs for APIs: Avoiding Mismanagement and Disaster
A world of my own »A world of my own
Freemium is dead. Long live "Causium" »Freemium is dead. Long live "Causium"
Collaboration, Search and Linked Data »Collaboration, Search and Linked Data
And Not Or: Intelligence Analytics »And Not Or: Intelligence Analytics
The Evented Web Makes Users Happy »The Evented Web Makes Users Happy
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