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Welcome NewsGraph – our newsletter map. You can use this map to submit items for the next newsletter and discuss matters raised in the current or past issues. The article below explains how.

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Read the current newsletter?

The DebateGraph newsletter is emailed on the last Friday every month to registered DebateGraphers (excluding those who have opted not to receive DebateGraph mail or have opted out of the Newsletter).

The schedule for future newsletters is attached, with the copy deadline being 10:00 pm (GMT) on the Wednesday preceding publication.

The newsletter aims to:
  • help DebateGraphers make announcements about their mapping projects and to build the  communities around their maps;
  • provide updates on DebateGraph initiatives and new  features; and,
  • explain important aspects of DebateGraph and how they relate to our goal of cultivating the web of reason.
The procedure to submit an item to the forthcoming newsletter is as follows:

(1) Click on the Forthcoming Issue element. This is the place to submit items for inclusion in the next newsletter.

(2) The three categories of items that can be submitted now appear - these are:
  • Articles - these can be on any matter you consider relevant to DebateGraph or the general topic of argument/debate mapping.
  • Announcements - if you want to make an announcement to the DebateGraph community, say if you have started a new map and are seeking collaborators, or you are holding a live online meeting, this is the place to put it.
  • Balloons - these are provocative, controversial claims designed to trigger vigorous debate that may be on stand-alone maps, or stitched into the fabric of a much larger debate. These should be backed by mapped argumentation and be free of ad hominem attacks.
(3) Decide which category your item falls into and add your item to this category (in the same way that you add any idea to any DebateGraph map).

That's it!  (and please note that we reserve the right to decide if any submitted item is to be included in the newsletter).

NewsGraph – DebateGraph's Newsletter
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