Humans are programmed
If you accept determinism, then you accept that nature has programmed you to behave in certain ways in certain contexts, even though that programming is subtler than the programming a computer receives.
Smart notes that, "I shall not deal with all Ziff's reasons, but will concentrate on certain of them to be found in Section 9 of his article, which I take to be crucial.

Robots do not feel because:

"The way a robot acts (in a specified context) depends primarily on how we programed it to act." For the sake of simplicity I introduce the notion of Nature to represent the sum of causes going towards the creation of a human being considered as beginning with conception or at any later time in his life. What is wrong, for the determinist, in saying that the way a man acts, in a specified context, depends primarily on how nature programs him to act? Subtle programs, of course; much subtler than computer programs, but the subtle cell circuits still determine the way I act, given a situation" (N. Smart, 1959, p. 107).

Source: Smart, Ninian. 1959. Professor Ziff on Robots. Analysis, Vol. XIX, No. 3. Reprinted in Minds and Machines (1964). Alan Ross (Ed.), pp. 106-8.

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Humans are programmed
Humans are programmed »Humans are programmed
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