Biological Naturalism
Consciousness and intentionality are caused by and realised in the brain. The brain has the right causal powers to produce intentionality.
John Searle, 1980a, 1980b, 1990b.
Artificial Intelligence »Artificial Intelligence
Can computers think? [1] »Can computers think? [1]
Yes: physical symbol systems can think [3] »Yes: physical symbol systems can think [3]
The Chinese Room Argument [4] »The Chinese Room Argument [4]
Understanding arises from right causal powers »Understanding arises from right causal powers
Biological Naturalism
Intentionality is irreducibly abstract »Intentionality is irreducibly abstract
Searle's materialism is problematic »Searle's materialism is problematic
Understanding is essentially linguistic  »Understanding is essentially linguistic
John Searle »John Searle
The Biological Assumption »The Biological Assumption
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