Other Questions and Feedback
If you have any other questions or feedback that you would like to share with us, let us know here—either by adding a comment, or by adding the feedback/question as a Position element below.

Note: you can access this idea directly via: http://debategraph.org/qa.

DebateGraph Community »DebateGraph Community
Other Questions and Feedback
PublicRelations for DebateGraph »PublicRelations for DebateGraph
Debategraph's ability to repel spam / vandalism? »Debategraph's ability to repel spam / vandalism?
Account profile information »Account profile information
Debategraph and IE (10) »Debategraph and IE (10)
Deleted maps »Deleted maps
Emerging topics »Emerging topics
Facilitator functionality? »Facilitator functionality?
Friendly_Url_Name »Friendly_Url_Name
Funding/Secure future »Funding/Secure future
Guest User Option »Guest User Option
Internal linking produces initial menu »Internal linking produces initial menu
Invisibility/privacy »Invisibility/privacy
Make the Work-in-Progress information more prorminent »Make the Work-in-Progress information more prorminent
Moving ideas within same element »Moving ideas within same element
'Orphan' maps »'Orphan' maps
Related Maps element »Related Maps element
Terminology »Terminology
What Manual of Style do citations follow? »What Manual of Style do citations follow?
Make Debategraph open source »Make Debategraph open source
Make Debategraph available behind corporate firewall »Make Debategraph available behind corporate firewall
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