Improving existing features?
What improvements would you like to see to the existing features and functions? What things could be made simpler / clearer? Let us know what you think (either by adding a comment here, or by adding a suggestion as a Position element below).
DebateGraph Community »DebateGraph Community
Development Ideas »Development Ideas
Improving existing features?
Stream »Stream
User experience improvement »User experience improvement
Feedback Tab »Feedback Tab
Change default font to Verdana? »Change default font to Verdana?
Account page »Account page
Adding new ideas »Adding new ideas
Browser Tab labels »Browser Tab labels
Change the logo? »Change the logo?
Citations »Citations
Comment system? »Comment system?
Community tab »Community tab
Co-presence and Hailing? »Co-presence and Hailing?
Cross-links »Cross-links
Deletion »Deletion
Details »Details
Different view types? »Different view types?
Edit history »Edit history
Email alerts »Email alerts
Friendly URLs »Friendly URLs
Highlight new field when moving »Highlight new field when moving
Home Page »Home Page
Idea types and relationships? »Idea types and relationships?
Invitation to maps by subject matter »Invitation to maps by subject matter
Invitations / Messages »Invitations / Messages
Map Access »Map Access
Map Meetings »Map Meetings
Meetings »Meetings
Moving »Moving
New map creation »New map creation
Outline tab »Outline tab
Posters »Posters
Rating »Rating
Registration »Registration
Related maps »Related maps
Search »Search
Sharing? »Sharing?
Visualizations »Visualizations
Ability to move the debatemap screen & encroach on the details screen »Ability to move the debatemap screen & encroach on the details screen
Keep logged in from last use »Keep logged in from last use
Improving the Help system? »Improving the Help system?
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