Marie (Betsy) Varughese
Senior Principal Mathematical Modeler at the Institute of Health Economics.

  • Dr. Marie (Betsy) Varughese has a Master of Epidemiology (University of Guelph) and a PhD in Applied Mathematics and Public Health (University of Alberta). Prior to working at IHE in June 2023, she was a Senior Modeller (since 2018) and Senior Epidemiologist (since 2013) at Alberta Health. There, she collaboratively led influenza and COVID-19 modelling efforts at Alberta Health, conducted population level analysis of large administrative databases, and managed the administration of the Alberta Community Health Survey.
  • Dr. Varughese’s research areas include mathematical modelling of infectious diseases that helps support decision-making, intersecting methods across diverse fields such as epidemiology, mathematics, and sociology/anthropology, and Indigenous health. Her other interests include the economic evaluation of public health policies from mathematical models that incorporate disease transmission.
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Marie (Betsy) Varughese
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