Canadian Centre for Health Economics (CCHE)
The Canadian Centre for Health Economics (CCHE) strives to be the focal point for health economics research in Canada. The work of the Centre aims to provide solutions to issues in Canadian health research for those in the academic and policy realms. CCHE was founded to address the lack of a central organization in Canada that gathers analytical techniques and expertise from the field of economics that is focused on health research.


  • The Canadian Centre for Health Economics (CCHE) aims to be the leading institution in Canada for developing practical research based solutions to ongoing concerns in Canadian health and health economics research. It will contribute to the body of knowledge in health economics and econometrics both nationally and internationally with applications that address important health policy issues in Canada and abroad.


In pursuit of this vision the Centre’s mission is:

  • To conduct economic research using the latest and most appropriate theoretical and empirical techniques in order to provide innovative, practical and evidence-based real world solutions to health and health care related issues that have important policy implications for the Canadian population.
  • To collaborate in health economic research with experts in the academic and policy fields to address current challenges in Canadian health and health care.
    To provide a forum for developing knowledge and sharing expertise from both the Canadian and international arenas to broaden the scope of solutions for modern health research in Canada.
  • To undertake and facilitate the conduct of high quality independent and impartial health economics research on policy relevant issues in Canada.
    To publish research findings, to disseminate the latest advances in theoretical and empirical methodologies and contribute to the international literature on health economics and econometrics.
  • To provide training in health economics and econometrics through the Institute for Health Policy and Management and Evaluation’s internationally recognized graduate program, through high quality short courses that are open and accessible to decision-makers and planners from all health care stakeholder groups, and by providing opportunities to students and trainees for real world hands on experience through participation in ongoing projects.
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Canadian Centre for Health Economics (CCHE)
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